2022 LOOK LTD PX 18 Rockerace Bindings

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Description & Features

Limited Edition competition level race bindings by legendary ski binding company, LOOK. SPX ROCKERACE features a smaller mounting zone and semi-suspended heelpiece, allowing enhanced ski flex for more precision and control. The strongest coupling strength and longest elastic travel on the market deliver instant power transmission with superior shock absorption for reduced pre-release. A substantial reduction in weight, reduced ramp angles for a more neutral, upright stance, and improved step-in/step-out functionality, the SPX offers less fatiguing, more user-friendly alpine performance.


  • Look PX 18 Rockerace Binding:

    With the strongest retention and longest elastic travel on the market, this elite-level binding delivers instant power transmission and precise control with superior shock absorption for reduced pre-release. Its short mounting zone and semi-suspended heel enhance ski flex for maximum response and control.

    Only compatible with R22 plates and ISO 5355 A boots.

Look Race Binding Specs

Description Din Toe Heel Brake HT
PX 18 Rockerace 10-18 Race AFD PX WC ALU <80mm
SPX 15 Rockerace 7-15 Race AFD SPX Micro <80mm
SPX 12 Rockerace 3.5-12 Full Action SPX Micro <80mm

Technical Info



    Longer elastic travel ensures more reliable retention to keep you in when you need. LOOK bindings offer the most elastic travel (lateral and vertical) and the fastest re-centering prior to release, ensuring superior shock absorption to reduce unwanted pre-release.


    LOOK is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective multi-directional protection in the case of a fall.


    The shortened mounting zone provides less swing weight, improved response, and a deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flex.


    Traditional screw-mounted bindings are compatible with any "flat" alpine ski on the market.


More elastic travel results in more reliable retention to keep you in when you need. LOOK bindings boast the most lateral travel before release and the fastest re-centering, delivering superior shock absorption and reducing unwanted pre-release. LOOK designs lightweight bindings featuring the highest-levels of retention and release that make skiing and carrying your skis easier, without compromising on safety.