2020 HEAD Ski Race Bindings
2020 HEAD Ski Race Bindings

2020 HEAD Ski Race Bindings

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Description & Features

HEAD's popular race series bindings are equiped with Freeflex EVO technology, proven on FIS and World Cup circuits. Smooth gliding, extra grip and optimal control combine to create the safest binding in the fast lane.



    Featuring premium safety, race-winning response, FIS approved stand height and unhindered ski flex thanks to an intelligent gliding element which allows for a truer ski flex and constant contact between boot and binding, providing improved ski control, direct power transmission, precise turns and efficient energy transfer. The roller pincer system, a powerful DIN value of 20 and longer wings deliver excellent stability and a more secure hold.


    A serious competition binding featuring the very latest in safety and control-enhancing technology, including higher vertical than horizontal release force of the race-tuned Race Diagonal Toe with TRP System, for maximized backward lean hold. Race AFD and Freeflex Pro improve ski dynamics and the Race Pro Heel creates constant forward racing pressure.


    A dedicated racing binding delivering premium power and control as well as pro-level safety and unhindered ski dynamics. Includes a roller pincer system and longer wings, so that the boot is supremely stable and securely held in the binding. The intelligent gliding element (Race AFD) moves together with the ski flex enabling constant contact between boot and binding, even in the most extreme of flex conditions. With a DIN of up to 16, it is aimed at expert to pro-level skiers and the binding also features the Race Pro Heel with constant forward pressure in all skiing situations.


    A race-ready binding with heel and toe units which move along with the ski's naturally flex, allowing you to react quickly. The RX Toe provides 180 degree horizontal and vertical release, combined with a Teflon Race AFD gliding element and a high-performance 3-piece NX heel.


    Features reduced forward tilt for a more centered stance which doubles your power.  The three-part NX heel makes stepping in and out easy and provides you with stability,  better power transfer and a rock solid grip. Full Diagonal Release function keeps you safe with intelligent release: 180 degrees horizontally and vertically.

  • EVO 9 GW AC

    Light, fast, responsive and fitted with the latest safety technology, the EVO 9 GW AC provides junior racers with winning performance. With a stand height of 21 mm and a maximum DIN of 9, this race-ready binding is equipped with the SX Lite toe and heel, for unrivaled power transmission, improved kinematics, reduced load on joints and 180° vertical and diagonal friction-free boot release.

HEAD Ski Race Binding Specs

Description DIN Stand Height (mm) Weight Range (lbs) Toe Technology Heel Technology
Freeflex EVO 20 X RD 10-20 16 >209 Race Toe Race Pro Heel
Freeflex EVO 16 X RD 8-16 16 >175 Race Toe Race Pro Heel
Freeflex EVO 16 5-16 17 >109 Race Toe Race Pro Heel
Freeflex EVO 14X 4-14 17 >92 RX Toe NX Heel
Freeflex EVO 11 3-11 21 >67 RX Toe NX Heel
EVO 9 GW AC JR Race 2.5-9 21 >57 SX Lite Toe SX Lite Heel

Technical Info


Freeflex EVO reduces the impact on the natural flex of the ski to a minimum. Decreased forward pressure, completely redesigned roller pincer systems amd wings, plus an intelligent gliding element all add up the the revolution of racing!


The construction of the roller pincer system and its wings guarantee utmost stability. The newly designed wings overlap better with the ski boot interface – the innovative concept includes longer wings and is closer to the ski boot. Therefore, the ski boot is stable and attached to the binding with less forward pressure. The synchro adjustment of the wings provides precise adjustment to ski boot sole heights, preventing wobbling between binding and boot.

Simultaneously, the horizontal stability is increased to avoid accidental release at high backward lean forces on difficult slopes.


The Race AFD gliding element moves together with the ski flex enabling constant contact between boot and binding in all flex situations. Improved ski control and direct power transmission without wobbling between boot and binding guarantee precise turns, powerful energy transfer and minimal response time resulting in even faster runs.


The new, reduced stand height corresponds to the new FIS regulations. This gave HEAD the opportunity to redesign the heel track, making it 1mm higher and 8mm wider for even more stability and direct power transmission. Moreover, increased size of the gliding inserts reduces friction and provides even smoother and more consistent release performance in all skiing situations and conditions.


Full Diagonal Toes feature 180° release action from horizontally to vertically. Maximum safety in backward twisting-fall situations.

Race Diagonal Toes are tuned for racing purposes. Due to higher release force vertically than horizontally, it holds up to the high backward lean forces occurring in racing.


The Light Diagonal Heel has been redesigned for even better performance. 150° release action provides even more safety. Whether in backwards or forwards twisting falls, the load on knees and ligaments is lowered and the risk of injury is reduced.

CONVENIENCE & PERFORMANCE: Convenience Cleverly designed Diagonal release cam for easy step in. Performance perfectly balanced heel retention in all directions enables high levels of power transmission without unwanted releasing.

SX Kinematics

SX toe and heel pieces feature better boot centering and reset (which means the boot returns to its original posi- tion after impact or displacement in a fast and precise manner). Proven technology features provide safety and stability, whether it is iced up, dirty or worn, the boot is precisely secure due to the linear adaptation to the height of the ski boot sole. This ensures an exact and more direct power transmission from boot to ski.