2019 Swix Composite Race Ski Pole
2019 Swix Composite Race Ski Pole
2019 Swix Composite Race Ski Pole
2019 Swix Composite Race Ski Pole

2019 Swix Composite Race Ski Pole

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How do you determine what length of ski pole is best for you? The chart on this page can be used as a general guide and is based on your height. The most common "old time" method is to invert the pole with the grip on the floor and grab the shaft under the basket. The pole is a good fit if your forearm is at 90 degrees (or parallel to the floor).

This is a good starting point, but personal preference may dictate a slightly shorter pole in modern day slalom where racers attack in a little lower body position and the pole plant becomes awkward if the pole is too long.

GS/SG and DH poles are typically longer for a stronger push out of the start and pole planting is not an issue.

Select a longer pole if in doubt as most shafts can be cut down to size. Note: Cutting down GS/SG and DH poles is a bit more complicated due to the bend of the pole. They may be cut down some, but keep in mind the placement of the bend relative to the body while in a tuck, before making this decision. It may seem obvious to some, but always cut from the top of the pole with the grip removed.

Ski Pole Sizing Guide

Height (inches) Pole Length (inches) Pole Length (centimeters)
45-48 35-36 90
49-52 37-38 95
53-56 39-40 100
57-60 41-42 105
61-63 43-44 110
64-66 45-46 115
67-69 47-48 120
70-72 49-50 125
73-75 52-52 130
76-78 53-54 135
79 55-56 140

This chart is for SL or recreational skiing.
For GS, SG and DH you may want to choose a pole about 2" longer.

Description & Features

This World Cup favorite carbon fiber/fiberglass composite ski pole has been redesigned with Internal Pressure Molding (IPM) technology, which allows Swix to shape and bend these poles to exacting standards. Carbon fiber for stiff, lightweight performance and just the right amount of fiberglass for impact strength and durability. This composite allows for a more explosive start than conventional aluminum ski poles.

Slalom model has special wing shaped shaft with ADD Tab (Anti-Dropping Device) on a DD4 grip. GS/SG and DH models feature aerodynamic elliptical shafts for 50% less wind drag at high speeds and downhill racing grips and cone baskets. DH model has a Wrist Bend for better hand position in a tuck. (Note: SL poles are straight and GS/SG poles have a mild bend and DH have a more dramatic bend.)

Swix Composite SL Poles are compatible with Swix Adult SL Pole Guards with use of the Swix Shaft Protector/Adaptor. Other full SL guards may attach if you drill and drive a screw through the top of the grip.


  • Carbon Composite Ski Racing Pole
  • IMP (Internal Pressure Molding) Technology allows for precise standards
  • Superior stiffness and swing weight
  • Elliptical shaft design for less wind drag
  • Racing baskets