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Replacement goggle lenses for your POC Cornea Goggles. Cornea Clarity Lenses introduce a new level of optical performance thanks to a unique collaboration with industry leaders, Carl Zeiss. Clarity have a frequency tuned in to the precise needs of skiers and snowboarders who require all day precision and performance. Unique Spektris mirror coatings have been engineered to complement each Clarity lens base tint and are applied for three distinct weather conditions: sunny; partly sunny and overcast.

POC Goggle Lens Guide

Description Weather Category % VLT Recommended Usage
No Mirror (rose) Low Light CAT 1 49% Contrast enhancing rose tint for low light conditions.
Spektris Rose Gold CAT 2 35% Rose tint improves depth perception and reduces eye strain. Gold mirror coating reduces glare for partly sunny conditions.
Spektris Orange CAT 2 22% Orange tint reduces glare and helps define contours and sharpens focus. Mirror coating minimizes glare on partly sunny days.
Spektris Gold Sunny CAT 3 13% Dark tint minimizes glare and eye fatigue while the Gold Mirror coating further reduces glare on bright days.

Lens Categories

Category Tint Conditions
0 None or Very Light Tint Very low light or night skiing
1 Light Tint Low light or overcast days
2 Medium Tint Effective in average sunlight conditions
3 Dark Tint Perfect for most skiing conditions and provide excellent protection from the sun
4 Very Dark Tint Only necessary in extremely bright conditions, like hiking glaciers or high altitudes

VLT - Visible Light Transmission

VLT is a measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens and reaching your eyes. A totally clear lens for dark conditions typically have around 90% VLT and a very dark colored lens with mirror for sunny conditions may have down to 10% VLT. Most all round lenses will be found between 30 to 60%.


POC Clarity introduces a new level of optical performance thanks to unique lenses produced in collaboration with industry leaders, Carl ZEISS Vision Sunlens. POC Clarity lenses have been developed for competition and all day, all mountain use, with specific and highly advanced tints designed to enhance vision by significantly improving contrast and light in three conditions: sunny; partly sunny; overcast.

POC Clarity Comp has three lenses tuned into the precise needs of competition skiers in sunny, partly sunny and overcast conditions and have light frequency profiles which have been maximized for use in the intense short term periods typically associated with ski racing.


POC and ZEISS have brought together their extensive scientific and technical knowledge in developing lenses to produce Spektris mirror coatings which features exactly the right blend of color, minerals and metals to support Clarity base tints. By combining POC Clarity lenses with Spektris mirror coatings creates lenses that are infused with technology and experience, uniquely balanced to provide users with the best possible vision and protection on brighter days.

Anti-fog Protected Single Goggle Lenses

Race skiers demand minimum refraction error, which is why POC's race-specific lenses are made using only a single lens. Single lenses are generally known to have poor anti-fog protection, but the base material and coatings chosen for POC΂s race goggles are the best available.

POC Double Lens Technology

Double lenses have an outer Polycarbonate lens for durability and penetration resistance and a cellulose propionate inner lens to optimize anti fog properties. All POC lenses have state of the art anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.

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