2018 Shred Monocle Ski Goggles

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The Monocle Ski Goggle is a large fit cylindrical ski goggle with SHRED WIDE truly expanded view so that you don't miss a thing. A large selection of easy-to-change lenses give you the perfect options to match varying light conditions we confront on the mountain every day.


  • Universal helmet compatible ski racing goggle
  • Medium/Large Frame Size
  • Cylindrical Double Lens
  • Wide Field of View
  • No Clog Hydophobic vent treatment to minimize fogging
  • Anti-fog and Scratch-resistant
  • Tapered Multi-Layered Whipped Cream face foam
  • Helmet gripping silicone lined strap
  • 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection

Anti-Fog Treatment

The double lens technology used in most SHRED Optics goggles creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.

CBL - Contrast Boosting Lens (Need More Snow Only)

Lens technology for light noise canceling and image contrast/definition enhancement.

NODISTORTION lens (Grab & Need More Snow Only)

The patented NODISTORTION lens technology keeps your vision from getting warped. Traditional double lenses are sealed air tight to prevent fogging and keep moisture from getting in between the layers. But then when you gain or lose altitude, the pressure differential causes the two lenses to bend and warp, which causes distortion in your vision. So Shred designed a small valve to equalize the pressure between the lenses and the outside, and they use a high tech PORON filter to keep moisture out. So the lens doesn't deform and your vision is always crystal clear.

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