2018 POC Retina Comp Goggles

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The Retina Comp Ski Goggle has a soft PU (polyurethane) mid-size frame with triple-layer face foam for an optimal fit. This goggle comes with race specific tints, made of optical grade PC/CP (polycarbonate/cellulose propionate) that is anti-fog and anti-scratch treated to promote clear vision and durability. Silicone grip on the inside of the strap makes sure they stay perfectly in place. Compatible with all Retina + lenses.

2 DOUBLE Lenses Included (Except Julia Blue which comes with only one mirror lens.)


  • Mid-size frame ski goggle
  • Optical grade polycarbonate (PC) outer lens
  • Cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens.
  • Ripel – Hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment
  • Anti-scratch/anti-fog treated
  • Soft coated polyurethane frame
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Silicone grip on the inside of the strap
  • Smokey Yellow & Transparent double lenses included


The Comp series are developed specifically for racing and have a construction with a Cellulose Propionate (CP) lens to minimize the optical distortion.


As an alternative to hard plastic frames, POC goggles are made of soft, comfortable and flexible polyurethane. This promotes safety in case of impact as the frame spreads and absorbs some of the impact energy instead of transmitting it straight to the face.


Two different densities of foam and one layer of soft fleece provide a soft and tight fit with a pleasant feeling against the skin.


The inside of the goggle straps have stripes of silicone grip that makes them stick to the helmet and allows you to adjust the position of the goggle by placing the strap at a comfortable height.


The color spectrum runs from blue to violet, with many shades in between. Color sensation and perception is individual, which leads to a very subjective choice of lens color for varying conditions.

However, there are some basic rules within the color spectrum that can enhance contrast. A lens with a yellow, orange, pink or 
red color will block out more of the blue end of the color spectrum. This will enhance contrast, enabling you to more clearly make out shapes, objects and bumps in the terrain. These lenses are suitable in low light, fog and flat light, but also in moderate light. In bright light, dark tints will keep your eyes more comfortable.

A green or grey lens dampens the color spectrum evenly. This leads to a natural feel where the color spectrum will be experienced as normal.

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