2017 Rossignol HERO Junior Multi-Event Skis

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The new HERO JUNIOR MULTI-EVENT is a multi-event junior race ski designed for aspiring U8 to U14 athletes. Featuring ROSSITOP cap construction for increased rebound and durability, and a progressive, size-relative flex, the HERO Junior Multi-Event is a great introductory race ski that can be used anywhere on the mountain. The HERO Junior Multi-Event is designed to help junior skiers develop solid basics that will take them on to the next competitive level. 100% Racing

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We also offer Binding Mounting and Tuning Services for all new skis.


  • Junior Multi-Event Race Ski
  • Cap Contruction
  • Soft Junior Flex
  • Wood Core
  • Racing Base
  • Recomended Binding (Sold Separately): Look NX JR 7 or Look Team 4

Rossignol HERO Multi-Event Junior Ski Specs

Type Size (cm) Waist (mm) Radius (m)
Multi-Event 150 67 12
Multi-Event 140 67 10
Multi-Event 130 67 9
Multi-Event 120 67 7
Multi-Event 110 67 6

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The ROSSITOP cap strengthens the ski, is resistant to chipping for increased durability and facilitates rebound.


This ski has high traditional camber for 90% of its length, delivering power as well as excellent snowfeel and grip on the piste. A slight rocker over the remaining 10%, at the tip, makes turn initiation easier and more controllable. Piste - Precision - Grip - Power - Speed - Acceleration.


The introduction of rocker to alpine skis has literally improved the ski experience for all skiers from first-timers to powder hounds to World Cup racers. Rocker makes skiing nearly effortless by simultaneously enhancing steering and minimizing fatigue - without compromising performance - for every skier type. Simply put, rocker helps skis turn with less effort, carve more easily and float better in deep snow.

Rocker is actually a catch-all phrase that describes reverse camber or early rise in a ski's camber profile. Rocker is an upward bend of the tip and/or tail away from the snow. Rocker comes in many different forms including: full rocker, tip rocker and tail rocker.

Traditional camber is the opposite of rocker and features a modest downward bend along the length of the ski. Traditional camber enhances stability and tracking; increasing precision and fore/aft balance.

The right balance of rocker and traditional camber depends on the level and type of skiing one prefers. Rossignol offers four different rocker profiles: Power Turn Rocker, Auto Turn Rocker, Powder Turn Rocker and Spin Turn Rocker. Each perfectly tailored to the exact needs of every skier type.

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