POCito VPD Spine Vest

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The POCito VPD Spine Back Protector Vest is designed and developed for kids. The vest is based on the Spine VPD Vest and adapted with kids specific sizing and increased visibility for better safety. The flexible and comfortable back protector is made of VPD and offers a high level of protection as well as a unique ability to adapt its shape to your body. Recommended for kids 4 to 10 years old.

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  • Kids specific
  • Adaptive back protector with extreme shock absorption level
  • Removable elastic waistband
  • Durable and highly breathable mesh fabric

  • EN1621-2 Level 2 certified back protector
  • Junior Sizes

POCito Body Armor Sizing Guide

Size JS JL
Height (inches) 39 - 49 49 - 59
Height (cm) 100 - 125 125 - 150


POC has developed a body armor technology; VPD - Visco Elastic Polymer Dough. The material is a Visco-Elastic foam, which is highly dampening. When VPD gets exposed to impact the material stiffens and has an extreme absorption of energy. One of the genially functions of VPD is that the dampening functions progressively and adapts itself to the force of the impact. The material is soft and comfortable and adapts to create an individual fit for every user. VPD offers a high degree of flexibility and is very tear resistant.

FIS Back Protector Regulation for Alpine Racing

The back protector must adapt to the anatomical bend of the athlete's spine and lie flat against the body. The top edge of the back protector must be situated in the area of the spinal column and may not go above the 7th cervical vertebrae (C7). Fastening of the back protector may only take place with a stomach belt. The maximum thickness must be in the middle part and may not exceed 45 mm; the thickness reduces at the edges of the back protector. Designs with the view to improve aerodynamic properties are forbidden. The back protector must be worn underneath the competition suit.

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