Briko Lava 7.6 Goggles

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The Lava 7.6 is a cutting edge performance ski goggle. It features an extra wide 7.6” lens which is crucial in racing whether you are looking laterally at slalom gates or in a compact tuck doing 90mph. The very flexible nylon NASTEK lens filters the blue light and increases contrast while sharpening the image and increasing the reaction time. The Bumper System helps prevent hard impacts to the face and the Slider System improves the fit while the Racing Cap helps from ‘twitchy’ eyes at high speed.


  • Helmet compatible ski racing goggle
  • Bumper System for impact absorption
  • Flexa System for enhanced fit
  • Nylon lens for extreme clarity
  • Central Lens Slider anchor for easy lens switches
  • Anti-Fog treatment
  • Quadruple Face Foam
  • Mountable Racing Cap
  • Helmet gripping silicone strap
  • (2) Cylindrical Lenses included
  • Frame Colors:
    • Blue/Green - White/Black Strap (Thrama Red & Sapphire Lenses)
    • White/Black - White/Black Strap (Thrama Silver & Red Lenses)
    • Orange/Black - White/Black Strap (Thrama Silver & Red Lenses)
    • Yellow/Black - White/Blue Strap (Thrama Silver & Red Lenses)
    • Light Blue/Pink - White/Blue/Pink Strap (Thrama Silver & Red Lenses)


More viewing angles up, down and peripheral for uninterrupted field of view.


Structural construction of the frame with bridges engineered to absorb facial impacts and enhance the fit to your face.


The finest TPU material combined with fine cuts in the frame increases the flexibility of the goggle and thus the capacity to adapt to your face profile.


Nylon is an exceptional material for lenses. It allows for thinner, more flexible lenses that have the sharpest image clarity. Racers particularly like nylon lenses due to their extreme clarity at any speed.


The lens is anchored to the frame be a central panel allowing quick and easy lens switches and great fit.


The molded face foam is made with 4 different densities of foam that is developed for skiers looking for maximum performance even in the most extreme conditions.

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