2016 Spyder World Cup DH Race Suit

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Whether for Downhill or Super G, Spyder's wind tunnel tests have shown that the World Cup Downhill Race Suit is your fastest option. X-static Silver Fiber Technology allows for more efficient body temperature regulation and provides permanent anti-odor and anti-static properties.


  • Polyester Diamond Knit 3L Bond for Optimal Air Porosity Performance with X-Static Silver Fiber
  • Anatomically designed contour fit
  • Custom sublimation print design
  • Front stretch zipper
  • Thumb anchor strap
  • Secure fit through gripper elastic at hem
  • Passes 30ml FIS test
  • Colors: Red/Grey USA, Sun/Red CAN or Electric Blue
  • Sizes: S - XL

Spyder Men's Race Suit Sizing Guide

Height (inches) 53 - 56 56 - 63 63 - 67 67 - 70 70 - 73 73+
Weight (lbs) 75-90 90-115 115-140 140-170 170-190 190+

Sizing of Race Suits

Speed suits fit by our size charts will initially be quite snug and require assistance stretching over the shoulders. However, the fabric "relaxes" after several uses to conform comfortably to your body. A new suit sized for initial comfort will stretch out and become oversized after the "break-in" period.

Race Suit Fabric

These highly elastic knit fabrics are not as abrasion resistant as woven fabrics. Contact with abrasive surfaces such as Velcro should be avoided. Prints on these fabrics are usually done on a white base and only penetrate the surface of the material. Some of the underlying white may show through areas of stretch. "Wear and Tear" is normal in stretch fabrics and may include pilling, cuts from ski/snowboard edges, and fabric burns from hitting gates at high speeds.

FIS Approved Race Suits

FIS specs for DH, SG and GS race suits is based on safety considerations and competitive equality. Suits can't be plastic and must have a minimum porosity to assist in slowing a fall.

National associations normally do the testing. USSA has a machine to test suits and you may send your suit to them for FIS approval. They attach a little metal tag called a "plomb" on the pant leg when the suit meets approval.

FIS requires a plomb for competition levels of Continental Cup (Nor-Am) and above. A plomb isn't required for FIS races below that level although the TD (Technical Delegate) has authority to ban a suit for safety reasons if it's in obvious violation of FIS specs.


X-Static is a silver-coated textile fiber that enhances products with permanent and natural anti-odor, anti-static and thermodynamic properties.

  • Anti-Odor: Silver is recognized in the medical community as the most effective anti-microbial agent available. X-static uses pure silver to safely inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi in garments.
  • Anti-Static: Silver is the most electrically conductive element. Electrical charges normally created by two non-conductive materials rubbing together are therefore instantly dissipated, keeping X-static products static-free.
  • Regulates temperature: Silver has an infrared reflectivity rating of 95%.

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