2016 POC Retina Goggles

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The POC Retina goggle has a soft PU mid-size frame with a triple-layer face foam for a optimal fit. The double lens is made of optical grade PC/CP and has the best anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment available to promote vision and resistance.

The POC Retina WO goggle is designed and developed for women and offers a women's specific fit.


  • Optical grade polycarbonate outer lens
  • Cellulose propionate inner lens
  • Anti-scratch/Anti-fog treatment
  • Soft coated polyurethane frame
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Silicone grip on the inside of the strap
  • One size
  • Frame colors:
    • Shiny Metallic Julia Blue (Persimmon/Green Mirror Lens)
    • Pink (Clear/Gold Mirror Lens)
    • Black (Pink/Gold Mirror Lens)
    • Red (Bronze/Red Mirror Lens)
    • Orange (Sonar Orange Lens)
    • White (Bronze/Silver Mirror Lens)


As an alternative to hard plastic frames, POC goggles are made of soft, comfortable and flexible polyurethane. This promotes safety in case of impact as the frame spreads and absorbs some of the impact energy instead of transmitting it straight to the face.


Two different densities of foam and one layer of soft fleece provide a soft and tight fit with a pleasant feeling against the skin.


The inside of the goggle straps have stripes of silicone grip that makes them stick to the helmet and allows you to adjust the position of the goggle by placing the strap at a comfortable height.

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