Scraper Sharpeners

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Quickly return your wax scraper to original sharpness with these scraper sharpeners.


  • Swix Scraper Sharpener - 40mm File: Mount on your work bench to sharpen plastic wax scrapers. Plastic frame holds a pansar file section.
  • Toko Scraper Sharpener: A must for the serious ski tech! Durable ceramic blade with slots for thin or thick plexi scrapers. Quickly plane your scrapers to original sharpness.
  • Swix World Cup Scraper Sharpener - 100mm File: Work bench mountable, longer body with two walls for stable scraper positioning, which makes sharpening easier and more precise.

Scraper Sharpening Tips

A scraper sharpener can quickly return your scraper to it's original sharpness, but may leave fine burs. We recommend polishing the scraper edge to a fine finish with BEAST Paper.

Lay a sheet of 100-150 grit paper on your wax bench and run the scraper back and forth until smooth and sharp. A 90° angle bar is useful in maintaining a square edge. The frame of a Side of BEAST edge tool just happens to be ideal for this purpose.

Ski Scraper Sharpening

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