Dominator Fluorographite (SRB) Wax
Dominator Fluorographite (SRB) Wax
Dominator Fluorographite (SRB) Wax

Dominator Fluorographite (SRB) Wax

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Dominator Antistatic Race Wax for Old Snow - Fluorographite anti-static lubricant gives a real boost in old snow and has a broad humidity range. Use on any snow, but excels on old snow.


  • Temperature Ranges:
    • SRB-01 (below 5°F)
    • SRB-11 Turquoise (5°F to 20°F)
    • SRB-32 Pink (20°F to 32°F)
  • Sizes: 40 or 100 gram bars

Dominator recommends applying in a checkerboard pattern to save time and money as well as get a more accurate mixing of wax:

This new method saves time and money and allows for greater precision in mixing. The wax is applied as one layer rather than as separate anti-static and day wax layers and this saves time. Since the wax is crayoned rather than dripped, less wax is used and this saves money. And the fact that equal areas of each wax are applied leads to more accurate mixing proportions as compared to dripping. Here is how it is done:

  • Soften the first bar of wax by touching it to the iron and rub it on the base forming a square approximately 2 by 2 inches (5 by 5 centimeters).
  • Repeat, forming approximately equal wax covered and uncovered areas until the base resembles a checkerboard.
  • Soften the second bar of wax and cover the uncovered areas of the checkerboard.
  • Iron the waxes together. What you will get is a well mixed, uniform wax blend.
  • Scrape and brush as usual.
Checker Board Application of Wax