Swix Lo-Fluoro (LFX) Wax
Swix Lo-Fluoro (LFX) Wax

Swix Lo-Fluoro (LFX) Wax

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Swix Lo-Fluoro X waxes are hydrocarbon blended with a low percentage of low-melting point fluorocarbon additive. Great training wax or as a racing wax at very low temperatures with low humidity conditions.

LFX12 Combi Pack - contains 20g of LFX6 Blue , 20g of LFX7 Violet and 20g of LFX8 Red all in one 60g convenient package

LFX12A Combi Pack - contains 360g of LFX5, 180g of LFX6 Blue , 180g LFX7 Violet and 180g LFX8 Red all in one 900g package.


  • LFX4 Green (-25°F to 10°F)
    A new cold wax developed for dry friction conditions, which can be perfectly used as a race wax when air humidity is low. Performs very well on artificial snow and has great durability.
  • LFX5 Aqua (7°F to 18°F)
    The 5 series is brand new for the Cera Nova X line and fulfills a hardness gap. Softer and easier to work with without sacrificing good glide properties in cold conditions.
  • LFX6 Blue (14°F to 23°F)
    Very versatile wax that works as a base for Cera F, standa alone racing wax and base prep for cold skis. Good durability and great performance in artificial snow.
  • LFX7 Purple (18°F to 28°F)
    A versatile wax suited for normal winter conditions below the freezing point at low air humidity. Can be used as a race wax, but will also serve as a brilliant training wax.
  • LFX8 Red (25°F to 39°F)
    The legendary 8 series that has contributed to numerous Olympic and World Cup wins. Easy to melt and very convenient to work with making it a great base prep and training wax. Can be used as a race wax base with Cera F overlay.
  • LFX10 Yellow (32°F to 50°F)
    A more durable warm weather wax that is slightly harder than it's predecessor. Good base prep and training wax. Recommend hi-fluoro wax for a race wax in this temperature range.
  • Sizes: 60g bar, 180g bulk bar and 900g bulk box