Sweet Protection Clockwork WC Goggles
Sweet Protection Clockwork WC Goggles
Sweet Protection Clockwork WC Goggles
Sweet Protection Clockwork WC Goggles

Sweet Protection Clockwork WC Goggles

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Description & Features

The Clockwork World Cup goggle is designed specifically for ski racers with a low volume, snug fit. Featuring Sweet Protection’s proprietary RIG contrast enhancing lens technology and triple-layer face foam with ventilation. Flush fitting goggle strap attachment for a sleek look. Double lenses with GORE® Protective Vents that equalize atmospheric pressure, providing optimal working conditions for the eyes. This World Cup edition also comes with race vent covers preventing too much air from entering the goggle at high speeds. Fits flawlessly with Sweet Protection Volata helmets and comes with an extra light lens for low light conditions.


  • Wide field of view
  • Extreme impact resistance
  • GORE protective vents
  • Race covers
  • Triple layer foam for comfort
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • RIG™ contrast enhancing lens
  • Includes spare clear lens for low light conditions

Technical Info

RIG™ Lens Technology

RIG™ is a revolutionary lens technology developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast enhancing vision with minimum color distortion.

GORE® Protective Vents

Avoid lens collapse under rapid changes in atmospheric pressure. GORE® Protective Vents equalize the pressure between the outer and inner lens to provide minimal optical distortion by avoiding deformation due to variable atmospheric pressures.

Extreme Impact Resistance with Sculpted Toric Lens

Sweet Protection has made the first sculpted toric goggle lens in the world. An extremely strong and rigid lens that provides superior optical properties with minimal distortion while providing excellent impact protection. Rigorously tested by shooting different projectiles at different speeds, ensuring the best protection for your eyes.

Race Vent Covers

Removable vent covers that are designed to block venting at high speeds, reducing tearing up of the eyes.


Two different densities of foam and one layer of soft fleece provide a soft and tight fit with a pleasant feeling against the skin.