POC Opsin Clarity Comp Goggles
POC Opsin Clarity Comp Goggles
POC Opsin Clarity Comp Goggles
POC Opsin Clarity Comp Goggles

POC Opsin Clarity Comp Goggles

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Description & Features

Maximize your vision on race day with the Opsin Clarity Comp. The exceptional field of view is complemented by race-specific Clarity Comp lenses, which have been developed specifically for use in intense competition settings. Clarity Comp lenses feature highly advanced tints designed to enhance contrast and control light to provide perfect vision on every competition run.

Features such as triple-layer face foam and a soft PU frame ensure the goggle maintains its comfort and flexibility in even the coldest conditions. The Opsin Clarity Comp is ideal for medium-large faces, with the wide frame providing an optimum field of view.

2 Lenses Included


  • Clarity Comp lens with base tint maximized for contrast and competition
  • Cylindrical lens for minimal optical distortion
  • Unique Spektris mirror coating
  • Designed for a large field of view
  • Triple layer foam for comfort
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • Includes spare Clarity Comp/No Mirror lens for low light conditions

Technical Info


POC Clarity introduces a new level of optical performance thanks to unique lenses produced in collaboration with industry leaders, Carl ZEISS Vision Sunlens. POC Clarity lenses have been developed for competition and all day, all mountain use, with specific and highly advanced tints designed to enhance vision by significantly improving contrast and light in three conditions: sunny; partly sunny; overcast.

POC Clarity Comp has three lenses tuned into the precise needs of competition skiers in sunny, partly sunny and overcast conditions and have light frequency profiles which have been maximized for use in the intense short term periods typically associated with ski racing.


POC and ZEISS have brought together their extensive scientific and technical knowledge in developing lenses to produce Spektris mirror coatings which features exactly the right blend of color, minerals and metals to support Clarity base tints. By combining POC Clarity lenses with Spektris mirror coatings creates lenses that are infused with technology and experience, uniquely balanced to provide users with the best possible vision and protection on brighter days.


As an alternative to hard plastic frames, POC goggles are made of soft, comfortable and flexible polyurethane. This promotes safety in case of impact as the frame spreads and absorbs some of the impact energy instead of transmitting it straight to the face.


Two different densities of foam and one layer of soft fleece provide a soft and tight fit with a pleasant feeling against the skin.


The inside of the goggle straps have stripes of silicone grip that makes them stick to the helmet and allows you to adjust the position of the goggle by placing the strap at a comfortable height.