POC VPD System Back Protector
POC VPD System Back Protector
POC VPD System Back Protector
POC VPD System Back Protector

POC VPD System Back Protector

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The POC VPD System Back is an extremely ventilated and lightweight back protector with easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps anchor points, making it even easier to get a perfect fit. Features VPD which is malleable and adapts to your shape, but when exposed to impact the material stiffens and has extreme impact absorption properties. Certified to EN1621-2 Level 1 and is suitable for all levels and types of skiers. Excellent protection without unnecessary bulk.

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  • Lightweight ski back protector
  • Highly adjustable strap system
  • Extremely flexible and lightweight
  • Highly ventilated for maximal comfort
  • Minimalist, pre-shaped fit

POC Body Armor Sizing Guide

Size XS S M L
Height (inches) 49 - 59 59 - 65 65 - 71 71 - up
Height (cm) 125 - 150 150 - 165 165 - 180 180 - up


VPD gives us a completely new alternative in the traditional trade-off situation between flexibility and real protection. Due to the ability to transform from soft to hard when needed and the extreme shock absorption properties, you no longer have to chose between freedom of movement and proper protection.

Offers better flexibility in cold temperatures and has an increased tear resistance. To further improve anti-penetration properties, the back protector has a durable thermoplastic polymer sheet integrated for extra protection in the spinal area. The VPD compound is highly dampening, soft, comfortable and adapts to create an individual fit. When exposed to impact, the material stiffens and has an extreme absorption of energy. This material is also multi-impact resistant extending the lifetime of the protection. All this gives you unsurpassed levels of comfort and safety.

FIS Back Protector Regulation for Alpine Racing

The back protector must adapt to the anatomical bend of the athlete's spine and lie flat against the body. The top edge of the back protector must be situated in the area of the spinal column and may not go above the 7th cervical vertebrae (C7). The maximum thickness must be in the middle part and may not exceed 45 mm; the thickness reduces at the edges of the back protector. Designs with the view to improve aerodynamic properties are forbidden. The back protector must be worn underneath the competition suit.