Atomic Revent RS Goggles
Atomic Revent RS Goggles

Atomic Revent RS Goggles

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When you see better you ski better. And when you’re racing, that extra bit of confidence can really make the difference. These top Revent RS goggles contain all Atomic's race technology. That includes new Fusion Double Lens (FDL), a revolutionary double lens with both lenses laminated together, offering 15% larger field of vision, no reflections and no fogging. Then Stereo HD lens technology gives you high-definition contrast in all light conditions. You then get two extra lenses, including a clear lens for low-light and night racing. Vision that needs to be seen to be believed!


  • Ski racing goggle
  • Live Fit Frame
  • Adaptive Tri-Layer Face Foam
  • Articulated Outriggers
  • Silicone coated strap
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included
  • Cylindrical Fusion Double Lens (FDL)
  • Stereo HD lens technology
  • 3 lenses total:
    • Black/Silver Stereo HD, Cat 3
    • Yellow-Blue Stereo HD, Cat 2
    • Clear Stereo Cat 0

Atomic Goggle Lens Guide

Description Weather Category % VLT Recommended Usage
Clear Stereo Cloudy/Low Light CAT 0 N/A Clear lens for night time use.
Yellow/Blue Stereo HD CAT 1 N/A The blue HD base lens tint with a yellow Stereo mirror enhances contrast, increases depth perception and reduces eye fatigue in varying levels of low-light conditions.
Black/Green Stereo HD CAT 2 N/A The dark smoke base tint combined with a green Stereo mirror protects from glare and reduces eye fatigue.
Black/Silver Stereo HD CAT 3 N/A The dark smoke base tint combined with a silver-black Stereo mirror makes this lens perfect for riding in cloudless, blazing light conditions.

Live Fit Frame

One of the big features that make Atomic goggles so comfortable is Live Fit. Tri-layer foam with flexible Y-Cuts on the frame instantly molds to the contours of your face – creating an instant individual fit right out of the box.

Stereo HD Lens Technology

For incredible vision in snow, no matter what light conditions. They work by dividing light into its six spectral colors and enhancing the sensitive ones (blue, orange) so you see everything in high definition contrast.

Fusion Double Lens (FDL)

The next generation double lens technology uses lamination instead of an additional layer of foam. That means a 15% larger field of vision, no refraction, no reflections, no fogging and no decline in optics at higher altitudes.



Silicone coating on the inside of the straps means they don’t slide around or ride up.


We’ve designed the frame shape of our goggles so they fit our helmets perfectly without any gaps. Our top goggles also feature articulated outriggers. These flexible hinges on the side make sure the strap sits nicely around the helmet, and that pressure is evenly distributed across the face to provide a complete seal.