Dominator Temp Specific

Dominator Wax Chart

Dominator offers the 4x4 Speed System as the perfect wax system choice for the discriminating tech who is savvy about snow conditions and has the expertise to squeeze the last bit of speed out of the skis.

These World Cup level waxes are formulated for specific snow conditions and performance requirements and the system is designed to easily choose the optimum wax for your needs depending on the two criteria of snow: temperature and moisture present in the snow.

Four colors of the 4x4 Speed System - white, turquoise, pink and yellow - indicate hardness of the wax and each color is offered in four formulations to match humidity and snow moisture as well as two anti-static formulations.

Temperature ranges:
  • White (below 5°F)
  • Turquoise (5°F to 20°F)
  • Pink (20°F to 32°F)
  • Yellow (above 26°F)

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