Briko Vulcano FLUID FIS Helmet
Briko Vulcano FLUID FIS Helmet
Briko Vulcano FLUID FIS Helmet

Briko Vulcano FLUID FIS Helmet

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The Briko Vulcano FIS Fluid ski helmet offers TOTAL BRAIN PROTECTION. Like all Vulcano FIS helmets, it holds the FIS 6.8 safety certification and meets all current FIS RH 2013 ski helmet rules, making it legal for all FIS and USSA racing.

This ski helmet offers cutting edge design that combines both safety and aerodynamic performance. Fluid enhances your helmet’s ability to protect your brain by mimicking Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), your brain’s natural protection. Fluid acts as a second layer to CSF by simultaneously managing the linear and rotational forces that scientific research has show to cause concussions. Also includes the anti-concussion shock absorbing Protetto System that enhances helmet safety.


  • FIS approved ski racing helmet
  • Fluid Inside = Total Brain Protection
  • FIS 6.8 Certification
  • Includes Protetto Safety Device
  • BHPTR (Briko High Performance Thermoplastic Resins) ABS Shell
  • Metallic Micro-Adjustable Chin Buckle
  • Anit-Bacterial Internal Padding
  • Deluxe Protective Bag

Selecting your proper helmet size:

Measure your head circumference one inch above the eyebrows around to the largest point on the back of your head. Round up to the larger size when your measurement is between two sizes.

Head Measurement

Helmet Size Guide

Head Circumference (inches) Helmet Size (cm)
20 51
20 1/4 52
20 7/8 53
21 1/4 54
21 5/8 55
22 56
22 3/8 57
22 3/4 58
23 1/4 59
23 5/8 60
24 3/8 61


Fluid Inside Helmet Technology

The vision of Fluid™ Brain Science is that head injuries will become an inconsequential part of athletic and leisure activities. Fluid Inside™ technology represents a commercially-proven and effective solution for reducing risk of concussive and repetitive type brain injury.

For more information on this revolutionary technology check out the Fluid Inside Website.


Briko HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMOPLASTIC RESIN. BHPTR is a top quality ABS resin, highly resistant to shock and perforation. Thanks to its flexibility, it perfectly matches with the internal EPS skull cap , resulting in impressive shock absorption performances.


The Protetto system is an additional safety devices that gives the back of your head more protection while skiing. This ABS, high impact resistant, flexible, anti-shock appendix improves protection from major concussions. The Protetto is included at no additional cost and can be put on in seconds. The goggle strap fits nicely under the Protetto for a streamlined look.


With speed proven products, safety must be cutting edge. The new FIS 6.8 certification defines that the helmets have to absorb impacts without compromising safety levels up to the speed of 6.8 m/s.

FIS Helmet Rule

Conform to FIS Label

Note: Helmet regulation (2014/15), that requires "Conforms to FIS" label is applicable at all levels without exception. All helmets that meet this regulation in our store are labeled "FIS" for your convenience. Download the current FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment and Commercial Markings and the USSA Helmet Rule for full details.