2XU Men's MCS Alpine Thermal Top

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The MCS Alpine Thermal Top is designed with an understanding of the key muscles used to power down the slopes. Skiing requires a series of complex interactions between the upper and lower body muscles including balance, posture and rotation. MCS compression targets key muscles used in downhill skiing for balance, stabilization and endurance.


  • MCS compression targets abdominals, obliques and lower back to help reduce muscle strain and soreness.
  • Provides support to help work with/against the power from rotation and centrifugal gravity inherent in downhill skiing.
  • Brushed PWX Thermal fabric for greater warmth
  • Higher neckline to protect against cold
  • Graduated compression
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing
  • Improved recovery

2XU Sizing Guide

How should my 2XU Compression garments fit?

Your 2XU Compression garment should fit the body snugly and firmly without uncomfortably 'cutting in' to the body. If this is the case, you should review your size choice. For upper body garments, a free range of movement in the shoulders is essential, as is comfort in the underarms.

For specific sizing, please refer to the Size Chart below, taking into consideration that if you're near the borderline for sizes or you wish to wear your compression garment primarily for recovery purposes, be sure to choose the smaller size where possible.

S 89 - 96 35 - 38
M 96 - 104 38 - 41
L 104 - 112 41 - 44
XL 112 - 122 44 - 48

Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS)

MCS is a revolutionary fabric support system with a patterned elastic-style material that lines the inside of the compression fabric to provide an extra targeted area of compression.

This pattern is stamped as it's own layer, additional to the fabric, and can be applied precisely to support key muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia groups. This creates a focused compression wrap to reduce muscle oscillation and damage.

Alpine Top Core Mapping - targeted support to abdominals, obliques and lower back to activate muscles help maintain posture awareness for balance. Provides support to help work with/against the power from rotation and centrifugal gravity developed from downhill skiing.


  • Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Reduced muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries
  • Improved performance
  • 4. Improved muscle alignment
  • Increased agility
  • Faster recovery

Brushed PWX Thermal Fabric

  • Lightweight and powerful PWX fabrics
  • Durable yarns that outlast the competition
  • Multi-directional stretch
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Moisture wicking yarns to help keep you dry
  • UPF50+ sun protection
  • Antibacterial

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